The KRC Difference 

forward thinking | operation minded | solution oriented

The KRC difference is that we're operationally minded and focused on creating a relationship with our customers that turns into a strategic partnership. All of the leadership within the KRC Complete Maintenance Group have lead operations teams, so we understand how critical machine uptime is for your business and your personal success. We focus on your people, your processes, and customer communication to optimize solutions for you as it pertains to your maintenance needs. Another unique aspect of KRC is our experience and foundation as an industry leader when it comes to custom machine tool solutions, retrofitting and rebuilding. This level of knowledge expands the number of capabilities and solutions we can bring to your maintenance group.

Outsourcing maintenance is one of the most difficult decisions that will need to be made by a business leader, but the KRC Complete Maintenance business model has been proven to succeed.

What We Promise To Deliver

Reduced Downtime

We provide real and measurable results. Customers have experienced between 30-50% in downtime reduction.

Experienced Workforce & Supplier Network

KRC has the ability to leverage a strong bench strength across the United States when needed.

Customer Communication

World class communication with a customer focus

A True Partner You Can Trust

KRC will provide a partner with operation minded focus, a partner who understands continuous improvement and problem solving, and one who understands maintenance.

Autonomous Maintenance Solutions

Autonomous, preventative and predictive plant maintenance lays the foundation of our success.

"No Failure Policy"

Long after an OEM says a machine is dead, can't be repaired, or isn't supported, we are able to resurrect your failing machines.

Our Turnkey Maintenance Approach

KRC's on-site contract maintenance services take care of all of the machines and facility needs within the four walls of your factory. Some common service areas that we are able to optimize include:

Asset Management & Maintenance

Machine Health Assessments

Machine Calibration & Alignment

RCCA & Forensic Part Investigation

Integrated Technology Systems

Plant Safety & Best Practices

HVAC Maintenance

Hoisting Crane Maintenance

Lower cost while improving productivity

Our solution for factory maintenance will help lower unnecessary and most times, unplanned maintenance costs.  Through effective staff management, implementation of high level safety practices and process, and new technologies, your factory will experience improved efficiency and productivity output.

KRC Serves Your Industry

KRC has developed an on-site comprehensive maintenance service model that is flexible across a variety of industries. We are able to adapt our solutions to fit the unique obstacles faced by your maintenance and operations teams, regardless of the manufacturing application.

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  • Aerospace

  • Automotive

  • Heavy Equipment

  • Energy

  • Marine

  • Medical

Case Study

At our largest implementation site, KRC currently manages over 500 pieces of key assets and a facility spanning over 17 acres and 500,000 square feet.


In the 24 months since KRC has taken over the facility maintenance, our customer has experienced:

  • 70% reduction in cumulative average monthly downtime
  • Improved machine availability to 98%
  • Helped eliminate over $2M in unplanned maintenance costs
  • Successful Preventive Maintenance Program adherence at 95%

Short-Term Contract

Looking for supplemental support in your maintenance group? KRC can provide a highly skilled work force and support staff to help accomplish your short term needs. Some examples of times when you may need a short term plan: filling your skills gap during plant shutdowns or vacation time, key project implementation and completion, base lining critical equipment in order to create a future maintenance strategy, setting up and executing a preventive maintenance plan. Our nationwide service team is willing and ready to step in and become an extension of your current maintenance group.


Long-Term Contract

Are you looking to completely outsource your maintenance? We take a holistic approach to outsourced maintenance and commit to maximizing the full potential of your maintenance operations while you can focus on your core objectives and services. Based on your needs, we will structure the scope to best fit your business model. From implementation and management to organization and execution of all maintenance related activities inside the four walls and beyond of your facility, we will support and take care of it all.



"By adhering to the maintenance schedule provided by KRC and working with them as a partner, we have tremendously improved the uptime of our machines."

John Portio
Value Stream Manager, Large Aerospace Manufacturer

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Many clients rely upon KRC Machine Tool Solutions because we overcome difficult challenges with sound, simple results. We’ll meet your timeline and surpass your objectives. Contact us for more information about our specialty machine solutions.