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Innovative technologies enable aircraft to operate in nearly all weather conditions, improving short and long-haul passenger and cargo transportation options. As economies across the world better utilize air travel, demand increases for high-quality aerospace components.

At KRC Machine Tool Solutions, we design and build high-performing automated specialty machines help manufacturers in a variety of industries streamline fabrication, enhance production and improve quality. In this case study, we discuss the issues facing the client, our problem-solving approach and the end result.

The client is a manufacturer of aerospace structural components, which are subject to heightened standards because human life often depends upon their performance. In an effort to meet industry demand while maintaining superior product quality, the client partnered with KRC Machine Tool Solutions to develop a way to rough machine hard metals at high removal rates.

After meticulous research of the client’s goals, industry requirements and facility limitations, our expert engineering team developed a compact electro-chemical discharge machine, or ECDM, to handle part machining.

ECDM is a non-traditional technology utilized for machining of electrically non-conducting materials. It allows for both the trueing and dressing of grinding tools in just one step. Its removal rate surpassed conventional machining capabilities at a far lower tooling cost.

When partnering with KRC Machine Tool Solutions, our equipment development engineers work closely with clients to build custom machinery from the ground up. From the concept to the production floor, the development of this tool took one year.


large electrochemical discharge machine


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Client Obstacles

  • Space
  • Material removal rates limited production capabilities
  • Off-the-shelf machines already available did not meet client needs

KRC Machine Tool Solutions' Resolution

  • Custom machine to fit client’s specific circumstances
  • Compact footprint
  • Contained all features client specified
  • Resulted material removal rate that exceeded conventional machining performance
  • Lower tooling cost
  • Machine development took one year, from concept to completion

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