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Robust global growth of passenger and freight air transport usage coupled with a push for new aircraft has heightened demand for high-quality aerospace components. Looking to satisfy industry needs, manufacturers must optimize production capabilities.

At KRC Machine Tool Solutions, we specialize in the design, build and implementation of high-output automated machines that resolve manufacturing bottlenecks. Industries we serve include aerospace, heavy equipment, energy, marine and automotive. In this case study, we discuss the issues facing a client, our problem-solving approach and the solution.

As a major aerospace component manufacturer, this client fabricated 10- and 12-foot  composite jet engine fan cases. During this process, the part was loaded onto a center table and rotated as a spindle with a formed grinding wheel plunged radially from the part’s inside diameter to profile the fan case’s internal surface. The process was performed manually, enabling potential operator error to scrap extremely expensive parts.

In an effort to meet increasing industry demand without sacrificing product quality, this client partnered with the experts at KRC Machine Tool Solutions to develop a more consistent grinding process. After assessing the client’s goals, facility space limitations and production capabilities, our team established an automated process that offered greater consistency.

We removed the necessity of an operator visually reading a gauge and manually feeding a grinding slide into the part. The new machining solution automatically measures material removal amounts and adjusts the grinding slide as needed.

A completely custom machine, this tool was not previously available in the marketplace. With help from KRC Machine Tool Solutions, the client’s grinding process became fully automated, reducing scrap rates while increasing product output.

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custom automated grinding machine

Client Obstacles

  • Manual process
  • Material removal rates limited production capabilities
  • Untrained or distracted personnel could damage costly components
  • Off-the-shelf machines already available did not meet client needs

KRC Machine Tool Solutions' Resolution

  • Custom machine to fit client’s specific circumstances
  • Machine contained all client-specified features
  • Automated the large fan case internal diameter grinding process
  • Eliminated a scrapped material root cause
  • New machine read removal rates automatically
  • Grinding slide adjusts when necessary
  • Resulted material removal rate that exceeded manual grinding performance

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