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In the aerospace industry, the flange is a vital method of providing structural support and connecting pipes, valves, pumps and other equipment for composite fan cases. This component also creates an easy access point for cleaning, inspection and modification. Widely used and versatile, the flange is in high demand.

Manufacturers looking to meet industry needs partner with KRC Machine Tool Solutions to optimize their production capabilities. We develop, test and assemble high-performing automated machines from the ground up to streamline fabrication, enhance efficiency and improve quality. In this case study, let’s examine a client’s issues, our pioneering response and the end result.

The client manufactures end flanges, which are attached to material ends for closure or mating with other components. Its previous production method utilized a 5-axis gantry mill, which required multiple setups to machine the entire part. This resulted in unnecessary downtime, curbed production capabilities and increased non-conformance risks.

In an effort to meet increasing industry demand without sacrificing product quality, this client sought out KRC Machine Tool Solutions to develop a more streamlined process. Our machining solution elevated the part onto a raised fixture, which enabled tooling to reach both flange ends with just one setup. The machine held up the part, and it used a pivot head to process the work piece’s upper and lower sections without the need to flip or rotate.

This innovative approach shaved end flange processing time by more than half, while producing more consistent results. With assistance from KRC Machine Tool Solutions, this client received a custom-designed machine unlike any other available on the market. Current machines were either oversized, obtained unnecessary processes or more expensive.

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Client Obstacles

  • Manual procedure
  • Multiple setups
  • Unreliable consistency
  • Laborious process
  • Untrained or distracted personnel could damage costly components
  • Off-the-shelf machines already available did not meet client needs

KRC Machine Tool Solutions' Resolution

  • Custom machine to fit client’s unique needs
  • Machine contained all client-specified features
  • Placed part on elevated fixture
  • Tooling could reach both flanges with one setup
  • Eliminated a scrapped material root cause
  • Generated faster and more consistent results
  • More than doubled the facility’s production rate
  • Less expensive than available Original Equipment Manufacture options

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