Horizontal Machining Centers

The KRC Helix HMC Series offers high performance, multi-axis horizontal machining centers used to manufacture complex components with precision and a wide range of capabilities. 

Compact & efficient, the 6-axis Helix HMC can replace machining centers that are larger than necessary for processing cylindrical and tall cone-shaped parts. The Helix HMC makes use of the vertical axis to orient these parts in a natural and stable configuration. Rigid and robust dual vertical columns minimize any deflection, and a wide selection of 2-axis spindle heads with high speed can make short work of any composite parts. Optional tables, pallet changers and work fixturing can further maximize efficiency. Configuration can be tailored to allow the spindle access to both the top and bottom of your part in one setup, saving manufacturers significant amounts of process time.

Capable of machining medium-to-large format precision parts in various materials, these machines can be configured in a vast range of sizes and for multiple machining processes to suit your requirements.  

Accustomed to advancing throughput and reliability while minimizing downtime, our team can develop the ideal horizontal machining center for your process.

All of the models in the Helix HMC series can be customized with either Fanuc or Siemens controls, flexible or dedicated tooling and fixtures, multiple table size options, and automation.

At KRC, we design, build and test high- performance machining solutions for aerospace, heavy equipment, energy, marine and automotive industries.

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Travel: 78" standard  
  customizable to any length & to accommodate various table configurations
Feedrate: up to 1000 ipm (500 ipm standard)
Travel: 147" standard (max.)  
Feedrate: up to 1000 ipm; dependant on travel (300 ipm standard)
Travel: 66" standard  
  customizable, dependant on table size
Feedrate: up to 1000 ipm (500 ipm standard)
Travel: 72" diameter standard  
  customizable configurations (pallets, dual tables, square table…)
Feedrate: 30+ rpm (10 rpm standard)
Travel: (+/-) 110 degrees standard
Feedrate: 130 rpm    
Travel: (+/-1) 360 degrees standard
  continuous rotating head available
Feedrate: 120 rpm    
Tooling: HSK 100A standard  
  many tooling options available
Nom. Power: 34 kW    
  many spindle options available
Max. Speed: 12000 rpm    
  up to 30000 rpm available, dependant on tooling
Automatic Tool Change    
No. pockets: 2 to 200 available  

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