Large Gantry CNC Machines

The KRC FUSION VI Series of high-performance machine tools offers modular gantry systems capable of being parametrically configured for a vast range of sizes and for multiple machining processes.

Designed to manufacture finished components with precision and speed, KRC’s large format machining center is a gantry style machine with a moveable bridge and dual vertical masts on parallel rails suspended above the work area or table. The machining heads move smoothly in either five (milling) or six (abrasive waterjet) axes along the defined tool path to produce a completed part. The FUSION VI is a multi-process machining solution that can handle the processes of trimming, drilling, routing, surface milling, marking and inspection all in one set up – all on one machine. The FUSION VI series was developed to machine large format parts in a variety of materials for a wide range of industries including aerospace, transportation and energy.

The FUSION VI is the latest evolution of this product line since its initial release in 1991. Over 200,000 hours of research and development have been applied to the machine structures, drives, software, and processes. The high stiffness structure is a result of many iterations of Dynamic Finite Element Analysis, verified through virtual and actual machine modal analysis. With almost (3) decades of continuous improvements, the FUSION VI platform offers the highest cut part quality, accuracy and productivity of any large format machine tool.

The latest model of the FUSION VI series is a CMC-55 (Composite Machining Center - 5.5m Crossbridge) designed to process composite aerostructures from “Autoclave to Inspection” with the highest quality of any large format machining system available. The FUSION VI CMC-55 delivers significant cycle time reductions during multi-process composites processing as compared to a conventional routing machine utilizing traditional hard tooling.

The primary vertical mast configured for milling is capable of five-axis, high-speed, high-volume material removal and precision drilling, routing, and countersinking. The secondary mast executes precision six-axis abrasive waterjet trimming, powered by Flow ultra-high waterjet intensifiers, cutting heads and expertise. Multiple quick-change kinematic cutting heads are available to satisfy even the most complex part geometries. With our integrated metrology package, the FUSION VI CMC-55 is also capable of performing complex part alignments, inspection, spring back compensation and tool path correction. This configuration is tailored for the complete processing of composite aerostructures, saving manufacturers significant amounts of time and money while delivering the highest part quality and peace of mind.

All of the models in the FUSION VI series can be customized with either Fanuc or Siemens controls, flexible or dedicated tooling and fixtures, multiple machine bed options, and automation. Each system is tailored as a turn-key solution and configured to match the specific and unique process requirements of each customer.

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large format gantry machining tool

Base Axis (X, U)                   9 to 36 m Stroke  (354 to 1417 in.)

Bridge Axis (Y1, Y2)             3 to 6.5 m Stroke (118 to 256 in.)

Vertical Axis (Z1, Z2)           1.5 m to 2.5 m Stroke (59 to 78 in.)

  Base Axis (X,U)    Cross-bridge Axis (Y1,Y2)   Vertical Axis (Z1,Z2)   
Linear Accuracy: 0.10 mm (0.004 in.) TIR 0.08 mm (0.003 in.) TIR    0.05 mm (0.002 in.) TIR
Linear Repeatability: ± 0.05 mm (0.002 in.) ± 0.038 mm (0.0015 in.)   ± 0.025 mm (0.001 in.)
Rapid Traverse Speed: 40 mpm (1,575 ipm)   25 mpm (984 ipm)  15 mpm (591 ipm)
Maximum Contour Speed: 10 mpm (394 ipm)   10 mpm (394 ipm)    10 mpm (394 ipm)



  C-Axis   B-Axis
Rotary Axis Travel: ± 300° ± 100°
Rotary Positioning Accuracy: ± 7.5 arc sec (0.002°) ± 7.5 arc sec (0.002°)
Rotary Positioning Repeatability: ± 3.6 arc sec (0.001°) ± 3.6 arc sec (0.001°)
Rotation Speed (max S1): 300°/sec 300°/sec
Acceleration (max): 600°/s*s 600°/s*s
Nominal Torque: 350 N/m 350 N/m
Peak Torque: 555 N/m 555 N/m
Clamping Torque: 840 N/m 840 N/m

Note:  Additional heads are available.

Spindle C/B Axis

KRC’s Spindle C/B is designed for machining composites with rotary tools. Each of the rotary axes incorporates precision certified direct coupled feedback to ensure extreme precision positioning for drilling of fastener holes ready for assembly.

Both the spindle’s C/B axis and the machine structure are of an extremely high stiffness design to completely eliminate any unwanted deflections or vibrations during the machining process.

                                                                         C-Axis                          B-Axis                         A-Axis       

Rotary Axis Travel:                                         ± 270°                           ± 90°                            ± 180°

Rotary Positioning Accuracy:                         ± 0.016°                         ± 0.016°

Rotary Positioning Repeatability:                   ± 0.008°                         ± 0.008°

Maximum Rapid Traverse Speed:                  90°/sec                          90°/sec

Maximum Contour Speed:                              45°/sec                          45°/sec

KRC Fusion VI Series Composite Machining Center

The KRC Fusion VI is a modular gantry system that can handle the process of trimming, drilling, routing, surface milling, marking and inspection all in one set up - all in one machine. Watch the video to see close-ups of this all-in-one design.

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