Machine Tool Laser Calibration

Accuracy and repeatability are important to any machine application. Using Renishaw laser equipment and the linear error compensation features of your control, KRC can optimize your equipment’s potential and provide you with the documentation you need for your machine tool certification requirements. Our calibrations focus on linear position sensor calibration and geometric calibration.

Machine Tool Laser Alignment Services

Ballbar Analysis, Machine Laser Alignment, and Machine Laser Calibration services will improve the performance of your machine tool, increase your product quality, and expand your bottom line. Utilizing ballbar analysis, the accuracy of our Renishaw laser measurement systems, and the reliability of our conventional measuring tools, we completely analyze the alignments, laser calibrate the positioning accuracy, and certify the results. 

machine calibration

Machine Laser Calibration Services

Machine tool laser alignment and calibration starts with being level, flat, straight and square. Machine “earth” level is an important benchmark if you want to check yourself in the future without the need of a laser system. Straightness of travel, including the components pitch, yaw and roll come before machine tool squareness. Laser calibration of positioning accuracy completes the picture with rotary axis laser calibrated as well.

KRC Laser Calibration Benefits

You can be confident in KRC’s many years of experience with machine tool calibration and laser alignment on an enormous variety of metal cutting equipment. We do not have an affiliation with any manufacturer or specialize in any certain make or model of machine. Basic principles of machine design cross all lines. Therefore, we can align and calibrate all of your machine tools and provide you with the complete results. If your machine tool requires mechanical repairs to meet OEM tolerance specifications, KRC can handle any necessary repairs needed to get your machine back into production making precision parts.

You may already be aware that your machine tools are not performing up to expectations. When you come to the conclusion that help is needed, call KRC Machine Tool Solutions to quickly return your machines to their optimum condition.

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