Machine Relocation & Installation


KRC’s experienced mechanics and control technicians assist you every step of the way in the efficient and safe installation and start-up of your machine tool. We’ll assist in the proper location, placement, leveling, and machine tool alignment. Once installed, our technicians will assist with a dry or wet run-in. KRC’s expertise will help you resolve any issues relating to linear or box ways, spindle alignment and balancing, tool changers, pallet systems and tooling.


 Every machine tool, except perhaps the highest tonnage forming/forging press, can expect to be moved at least once during its productive life. This usually is dictated more by the changing logistics of the plant than the machine tool. KRC will relocate your machine quickly, efficiently and ensure its return to full pre-relocation productivity — all with the least amount of interference with normal plant floor activities.

However, moving equipment can be an expensive and dangerous undertaking when you don’t have sufficient resources, manpower, and know-how. KRC will help by providing experienced mechanics and control technicians to speed the process of getting your machine safely from one location to another.

milling machine tool

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