Milling Machine Attachments & Accessories

Bring your production and testing challenges to KRC Machining Solutions, and we can create tailor-made systems. We offer a variety of machining accessories that can be added to maximize the productivity and output of your machine. We combine quality materials with innovative engineering methods and efficient assembly techniques when developing client-specific machining solutions. Our team will work with you to design the system that fits your identified market, function, budget and deadline.

Dust Collection System

A dust collection system is typically used in dry routing applications to minimize any airborne carbon fiber kerf. A custom air-ducting system captures spindle face debris through a removable dust shroud mounted around the spindle face. This removable dust shroud is automatically detached during tool change processes and reloaded, reducing operator intervention

 A custom sled that travels with the cross-bridge along the entire length of the X/U axis maintains consistent vacuum during processing. This custom sled is connected to a ducting system, but located outside of the work envelope, and directs all debris to a Donaldson Torret (or similar) collection system.

 Custom shrouds can be designed to accommodate various tools or process requirements.  Additionally, a tailor-made load and unload process can be implemented for systems where multiple shrouds are required.  In this scenario, each tool can be associated with the required dust shroud so the machine can choose the appropriate shroud during the tool change process.

diagram of a dust collection system
blue pallet shuttle for loading and unloading

Increasing Throughput with Pallet Shuttles

Pallet shuttles have always been a tried-and-true method of minimizing machine idle time by allowing part load and unload to occur outside of the work envelope. Integrating a pallet shuttle or work positioning system is a very economical solution for material handling or off-line part inspection.

With the various configurations and styles of systems available, KRC Machine Tool Solutions can guide  you to a solution that is in-line with your space, budget and process requirements. Our controls platform can interface with most any pallet control systems and can be customized or expanded as required.

Right Angle and Specialty Heads

Right angle and specialty heads are sometimes required for accessing or machining specific part features. KRC Machine Tool Solutions can help identify and locate specialty heads for a wide range of part features or processes. Our industry-leading machines can be customized to suit almost any specialty head application. Additionally, we can tailor solutions for various setup or process needs. Examples include:

  • Positional/articulating spray nozzles for coolant
  • Design or specify the positioning of custom anti-rotation features
  • Provide through-bit coolant with air-blast after shut-off
  • Allowances for specialty head storage in an automatic tool changer
  • Custom tool racks for storage and retrieval of specialty heads
  • Custom tool change cycles to guide operators through manual head changes or setup
nozzle head attachment for cnc machine
orange robotic arm attachment

Robotic Material Handling Systems

The large cross-section of our machine’s cross-bridge allows us to span a large distance between machine rails.  The ability to increase the length of the cross-bridge beyond the requirements of the working envelop can provide space for customizations that optimize efficiency.  One example is the integration of a (7) axis robot that runs along the machine’s X-axis to bring parts  in and out of the working area or positions tools within the work envelop. Utilizing the latest robotic technologies can result in a low-cost, high-reward scenario in which devices or parts are safely loaded in one area of the working envelope while the machine is processing another area.

Partnerships with leading robotics experts capable of designing any level of robotic automation enable us to develop custom solutions that will streamline your processes.


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