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Many industries depend upon an uninterrupted supply of quality parts to affordably and efficiently make devices that consumers use day in, day out. Having a streamlined milling and routing process is key for manufacturers striving to meet enhanced market requirements. 

Improve your milling and routing capabilities by partnering with KRC Machining Solutions, a leading developer of machine tools designed to optimize the machining process to boost production and enhance quality. Unlike standard milling and routing operations limited to a few axes of motion, our precision machines move along up to six axes. This allows for efficient and accurate contouring of complex three-dimensional shapes.

Our proprietary C/B spindle technology with high torque, direct drive motors are designed for high-speed rotary tool machining. Each rotary axis incorporates precision-certified direct-coupled feedback, which ensures pinpoint positioning for drilling of ready-to-assemble fastener holes. Both the spindle’s C/B axis and the machine structure itself are made from an extremely stiff design, eliminating unwanted deflections or vibrations during the machining process. These high stiffness structures are designed utilizing the latest state of the art digital 3D modeling and dynamic Finite Element Analysis.

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The KRC Machining Solutions router system is developed to provide: 

  • Maximum speed, torque and force
  • Spindles are capable of up to 30,000 revolutions per minute with HSK 32, 40 and 63 interfaces.
  • Generous safety factor 
  • Spindles are available from 20 to 50 horsepower for high material removal rates.
Fusion VI Series
Fan Case Mill

Utilizing our high-output automated milling and routing machines to your facility offers a range of benefits.

Improved machining accuracy

Enables completion of complex tasks


Lower costs

Less downtime

Improved safety

Low maintenance

Enhanced production volume

KRC’s Spindle “C”,”B” is designed for machining composites with rotary tools. Each of the rotary axes incorporates precision certified direct coupled feedback to ensure extreme precision positioning for drilling of fastener holes ready for assembly.

Both the spindle’s C/B axis and the machine structure are of an extremely high stiffness design to completely eliminate any unwanted deflections or vibrations during the machining process.

Machining of toughened epoxy carbon fiber tape is a grinding process and most physical principals follow grinding more than milling. Also there is a very fine line that can be crossed over when horsepower or kilowatts is converted over from productive material removal to heat which is transferred into the part. This heat will also produce an unacceptable finish or even severely damage the part. The KRC router system is designed with maximum speed, torques and forces considered and a very generous safety factor applied. Spindles are available from 20 to 50 HP, up to 30,000RPM with HSK 32, 40 and 63 interfaces.

KRC provides the only seamless CATIA V5 offline programming system in the industry. Parts designed on CATIA are programmed along with the fixturing, post-processed, real-time simulated and collision detected. This process is totally bidirectional and without changing from program to program. If a change is made to the program it does not need to be reposted, resimulated or recompiled. All changes are real time and on the same screen. All standard machines, robot systems, and fixturing, are supported.

Large Format Milling & Routing Modernizations

KRC Machine Tool Solutions can also help you bring your large format Milling/Routing machines back to life with modernization services.

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