What You Need To Know About Pyrometry & Aerospace Testing

What is Pyrometry?

In simple terms, pyrometry is the measurement of temperatures. As it relates to the business of heat treatment, it is the measurement of heat inside heat treat ovens and encompasses the equipment, instruments, and specifications required to heat temperatures accurately.

What is AMS 2750?

To ensure consistency of temperature measurement in the heat treat process, NADCAP relies on a document known as AMS 2750. AMS (Aerospace Materials Specification) covers all aspects of pyrometry in heat treatment. It covers temperature sensors, instrumentation, thermal processing equipment, system accuracy tests, and temperature uniformity surveys.

What is NADCAP?

NAPCAP was developed as an industry managed program to improve compliance and quality while reducing cost throughtout the Aerospace Industry. All major aerospace manufacturers are subscribers to the NADCAP accredidation process. NADCAP certification is essential to any suppliers that want to do heat treating work in the aerospace industry.

Pyrometry Services

Our trained and certified pyrometry technicians will provide quality service to ensure your heat treat systems meet the strict aerospace pyrometry requirements. As the heat treat industry becomes more demanding each year, our team will guide you through the complex processes to meet the proper accreditation and compliance NADCAP and AMS 2750 requires. Aside from training and consulting services, our hands on techniciancs will also provide the maintenance and support to keep your heat treat systems running and in compliance.







Pyrometry Testing & Calibration

Temperature Uniformity Surveys:

Ensures no variance in temperature at different locations within the furnace and repeatedly and accurately produces the same quality parts. Temperature uniformity surveys are conducted in accordance with aerospace and customer specifications. Our certified testing equipment meet the strict aerospace Pyrometry requirements to ensure that your TUS and TUS reporting are always in compliance.

Equipment Types:

KRC provides temperature uniformity surveys on the following equipment:

Retort Furnaces
Stress Relief Furnaces
Annealing Furnaces
Solution Heat Treating Furnaces
Tooling Furnaces
Forging Furnaces
Curing & Drying Ovens
Food Processing & Baking Ovens
NDT Drying Ovens
Continuous & Semi-Continuous Furnaces


System Accuracy Tests:

System accuracy tests consist of comparing thermocouple systems (thermocouple, temperature control & recording instruments, lead wire) against a calibrated test instrument system. System accuracy tests validate the accuracy of the furnace control and recording instruments in each control zone of your furnace.

Instrumentation Calibration

Accuracy of your critical instrumentation is vital to achieving quality parts. We will help you stay in compliance and increase process up-time, saving you time and money. Our technicians do more than just hand over calibration results, we can troubleshoot equipment issues and correct deviations.

KRC provides calibrations on the following instruments:



Profile Surveys

Profile Surveys are customer specific surveys performed on actual parts or fixtures to ensure time and temperature of parts are reached based on the programs written.

Support and Preventive Maintenance

KRC can support your heat treat equipment in several ways. Our maintenance Services include manufacturer and/or customer-specific preventive maintenance schedules, door seal repair and replacement, and a variety of heating system repairs (including controllers, recorders, SCR’s, fan motors).

NADCAP & Heat Treat Training & Consulting

Completely understanding the NADCAP and AMS2750 requirements is challenging and confusion can lead to missteps during the audit process. At KRC, we fully understand the standards of several end users and will guide you through the process to acheive certification. We have the expertise and knowledge to help you with the requirements needed for NADCAP accreditation.

Our services include:

  • Planning and preparation for audits
  • Writing Procedures and work instructions
  • Nadcap audit attendance
  • Developing process improvements and corrective action resulting from a failed audit


KRC Can Help You Meet The
Strict Aerospace Pyrometry Requirements


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