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Heavy duty machines made with “good iron” but performing poorly sometimes just need a fresh breath of life given by the right experienced partner. KRC Machine Tool Solutions can be your trusted partner to provide qualified updates to your machines that seem to be on their last leg. Our years of experience gives us the expertise to gather the information to determine if your machine is a good candidate to restore and will ensure a solution that is best for your investment.

When a customer is having a hard time deciding between a rebuild/retrofit or buying new, KRC can offer to evaluate the machine and put together a scope of work that can then be used as a guide to establishing a quoted price on what it would take to retrofit or rebuild that particular machine. KRC will then help evaluate the pros and cons and recommend the best economic investment.

What is a CNC Control Retrofit?

If your CNC machine is in good condition, but the controls are outdated or worn, then a retrofit is what you need. CNC control retrofits involve engineering and installing a new state-of-the-art Fanuc or Siemens control system to your machine. 

What is a Machine Tool Rebuild?

When your CNC control is in good working condition but the machine itself is deteriorating, a rebuild is the most economical option. A rebuild includes a complete mechanical overhaul of the machine's components and parts while leaving the existing control system. If both a control retrofit and a mechanical rebuild is needed, then a remanufacture may be the best option.

Benefits of Rebuilding or Retrofitting

Rather than buying a new machine, rebuilding or retrofitting has several benefits including:

  • Beneficial in the way they were built and designed with heavy cast iron bases
  • An economical alternative as it typically will cost about 50 - 60% of the cost of a new machine
  • Cost saving due to eliminating the need for new foundations, additional tooling or transportation and rigging
  • Time saving by reducing downtime and delivery by half of the time it would take for a new machine to be delivered
  • Retaining your existing machine and the way it was built and designed with heavy cast iron bases

Machines Serviced

Our machine retrofit & rebuild include vertical boring mills, vertical turning lathes, horizontal boring mills, gantry and bridge mills, 5-Axis machines

At KRC you can expect a quality product and on time delivery. With our cumulated years of experience, KRC can access and deliver solutions that are the best choice for your machine. After the work is complete, you can expect follow up and availability any time you should need additional support. KRC is dedicated to Project management and scheduling. Customers can be assured that KRC will deliver integrity in our commitments.

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Authorized Siemens and Fanuc Distributor

KRC Machine Tool Solutions is an authorized system integrator for Fanuc and authorized solutions partner for Siemens based on our expertise and capabilities to work with Fanuc control systems. See our full Authorized Distributor list.

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