The Goal

The customer needed a vertical boring mill with twin rams and twin tool changers that would accept Capto 8 tooling.  KRC removed the existing single ram and turret assemblies on a used machine and engineered a solution to design a new saddle and ram assemblies to meet customers desired machine configuration.  This solution allowed the customer to avoid buying a new machine and cut with both rams at the same time to reduce part cycle time. 

Scope of Work

  • Complete Fanuc Retrofit with 0i-TD control system
  • New Fanuc servo, spindle motor and drives
  • Complete machine rewire and flexible Sealtite
  • New electrical documentation
  • Complete mechanical rebuild
  • New ballscrews assemblies & thrust bearings
  • New twin rams and saddle assemblies
  • New tool changers system for each ram (2)
  • New Capto tool system
  • Complete transmission and table rebuild
  • Rebuild of coolant, lube and hydraulic system
  • New machine enclosure

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