Velocity VTC Series

The Velocity VTC Series offers the latest in vertical turning precision and performance.

  • Exceptional Performance – The Velocity Series is a full line of Vertical Turning Lathes (VTL’s) that are crafted to deliver exceptional performance and surface finishes on large workpieces. These powerful, high precision, vertical turning lathes are available with swing diameters from 1200mm to 2000mm.
  • Superior Rigidity and Stability – The main structure of the machine is comprised of heavy-duty castings for superior rigidity and stability. Each casting is designed to limit thermal distortion and absorb any resonate vibrations created during machining.
  • Adjustrable Crossrail Features – The adjustable crossrail features a 15º slanted box way design and is a programmable positioning axis; able to handle a wide range of parts and minimize ram extension.
  • Withstand Heavy Forces – The hydrostatic Z axis is a large cast steel ram that maintains rigidity even when fully extended. It is designed to withstand the forces of heavy inner and outer diameter cutting while assuring dimensional accuracy on both sides.
  • Customizable – All models can be custom configured with live milling (C Axis), custom tooling or optional accessories to best fit most any application or process requirement. Machines can be supplied with either a Fanuc or Siemens control system.



The one piece bed and box type column castings are designed for rigidity and stability; even under the heaviest of cutting conditions.  Fine grained Meehanite cast iron is used for its excellent strength, wear resistance and vibration dampening characteristics.


The table drive system is designed to provide ample cutting power for a wide variety of materials.    Powered by large spindle motors, our high precision 2-speed gearboxes deliver massive torque values (up to 23,270 N-m of maximum torque) for heavy duty machining, even at low table speeds. 


A thrust cylindrical roller bearing with a heavy duty taper roller bearing is used to achieve high axial and radial loads while yielding longer service life and higher accuracy.  These bearings sit in a rigid one piece base casting, providing the ideal combination of increased table load and machining precision.

    U/M VTC-12 VTC-16 VTC-20
Capacity Table Diameter mm (inch) 1,250 (49.2) 1,600 (63) 2,000 (78.7)
  Max. Turning Diameter mm (inch) 1,500 (59.1) 1,900 (74.8) 2,400 (94.5)
  Max. Swing Diameter mm (inch) 1,600 (63) 2,000 (78.7) 2,500 (98.4)
  Max. Turning Height mm (inch) 1,250 (49.2) 1,600 (63) 1,600 (63)
  Max. Table Load kg (lb) 6,000 (13,228) 10,000 (22,046) 13,000 (28,660)
Table/Spindle Table Speed rpm 1 - 300 1 - 250 1 - 200
  Max. Torque of Table N-m (lb-ft) 10,655 (7,859) 18,790 (13,859) 23,270 (17,163)
  Max Cutting Force N (lb) 25,000 (5,620) 25,000 (5,620) 25,000 (5,620)
  Table Main Motor kW (HP) 37/30 (50/40) 45/37 (60/50) 45/37 (60/50)
Travel/Rapid Traverse Cross Travel X axis mm (inch) -200(-7.87) to 950 (37.4) -250(-9.84) to 1,125(44.29) -250(-9.84) to 1,380(54.33)
  Vertical Travel of Ram Z axis mm (inch) 900 (35.4) 1,000 (39.4) 1,000 (39.4)
  Vertical Travel of Crossrail W Axis mm (inch) 800 (31.5) 800 (31.5) 800 (31.5)
  Rapids on X Axis MPM(IPM) 12 (472) 12 (472) 12 (472)
  Rapids on Z Axis MPM(IPM) 10 (393) 10 (393) 10 (393)
Machine Dimension Length mm (inch) 5,900 (232.3) 6,500 (181.1) 7,800 (200.8)
  Width mm (inch) 3,800 (149.6) 4,600 (181.1) 5,100 (200.8)
  Height mm (inch) 5,020 (197.6) 5,690 (224) 5,740 (226)
  Weight kg (lb) 20,000 (44,092) 28,000 (61,729) 42,000 (92,594)

All three of the above models (VTC-12, VTC-16, and VTC-20) are offered with a Live Spindle option.  The Live Spindle option is denoted by adding a “C” after the model number (Ex. VTC-16C).  The following specifications apply to the Live Spindle designation

Description Velocity Turning Lathes Unit VTC-12C VTC-16C VTC-16C
Live Spindle w/ C-Axis Spindle speed rpm 24 - 2,400 50 - 2,250 50 - 2,250
  Max. Torque of Spindle N-m (lb-ft) 196 (145) 196 (145) 196 (145)
  Spindle Motor kW (HP) 7.5 (10) 11 (15) 11 (15)
Standard Accessories        
Fanuc System 0i-TF or Siemens 828 CNC Controller  High Pressure Pump (3 Bar)  Heat Exchanger for Electrical Cabinet  Signal Tower Light 
12 Tool ATC  Table Lubricant Oil Cooling Unit  Table Manual 4-Jaw Chuck  Anchor Bolt & Tools and Tool Box 
(BT 50 or CAT 50)       
Chip Conveyor & Coolant Tank  Machine Cover (Semi-Opened)  Hydraulic Unit  Operation Manual & Spare Part List 
Oil/Water Separator  Auto Lubrication System  Work Light  Metal frame and case in machine shipment packing 
Optional Accessories        
C-Axis w/ Live Milling  18 Tool ATC w/ Live Milling option  Through Tool Coolant   Tool Probe (Renishaw or Blum) 
Auto Tool Changer w/ CAT Holders  Additional Tool Holders  High Pressure Pump (6 Bar, 10 Bar, or 20 Bar)   Part Probe (Renishaw or Blum)  
Automatic Hydraulic 3 Jaw Chuck   Transformer for Power Source  Pallet Shuttle or Part Handling System  Linear Scales on X, Z axis (incremental or absolute) 

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