Waterjet Machining Centers

As global demand for affordable but innovative equipment grows, pressure on manufacturers to produce larger quantities of complex parts expands. Waterjet cutting is an option for facilities looking to machine challenging designs with a high degree of precision and repeatability.

A waterjet cutter uses an ultra-high pressure jet of water, or a mixture of water and abrasive, to cut almost any material. This method is especially advantageous for machining intricate shapes. Successful production of sharp corners, bevels, pierced holes and shapes with minimal inner radii is possible.

KRC Machining Solutions can help improve your machining capabilities with a custom waterjet cutter that fits your market, function, budget and deadline. Utilizing only premium materials, innovative engineering methods and solutions-oriented machine configuration techniques, our talented engineering team can develop a system to improve quality, throughput and reliability. KRC offers the most diverse range of waterjet axis configurations and cutting heads in the industry to provide kinematic solutions to almost any part geometry.

Fusion VI Series


With the proliferation of composites, waterjet cutting has become the standard. Offering superior cut quality, high-quality surface finish, part damage elimination, improved cleanliness and process speed, this cutting method is utilized by the following industries:

  • Aerospace
  • Heavy equipment
  • Energy
  • Marine
  • Automotive 

Waterjet Cutting Advantages

Cold-cutting quality puts waterjet machining ahead of other material cutting methods. Unlike flame, plasma and laser cutting, it does not produce thermal stress. This enables operators to cut various metals, composites and other materials without burning, melting/recast, crystallization or cracking. Other advantages to waterjet cutting include:

Does not generate a heat-affected zone

Avoids distortion, melting and warping

Enables repeatable production of precision parts

Computer-controlled and monitored process

Higher feed rates

Environmentally friendly process

Eliminates dust and hazardous gases

Minimal or no cutting force vibration allowing for very minimal fixturing

Longer tool life

Large Format Waterjet Modernizations

KRC Machine Tool Solutions offers the modernization services you need for your large format waterjet.

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